Sunday, November 3, 2013

The pillar of salt fantasy

I'm not sure if I ever mention this. But my work is never complete without the photo shoot. 
Many time it is gives the right meaning to the work. I love to do it with Idan. He understand me and my work perfectly and know how to get the best of it and I, love very much to change characters. To be someone else for a moment - to fantasise, to live on a different time, in different places.
For a very long time I wanted to take photos in the Dead Sea but I did not have the right work for this surrounding until recently. 
We went there last week. Such a short drive and the atmosphere is so completely different. The landscape reminiscent the story of creation in Genesis. My head and my imagination immediately begin to work and the story of Genesis and also the story of lot's wife who looked back and turned to salt was playing in my head like a music.
And this is what we created. With water, wool, plants, fire, camera and the beautiful surrounding of one of the wonders in the world - The Dead Sea.
Hope you enjoy it. Take a moment and fantasise yourself. Your day can be completely different :)