Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring time!

There's a well known saying in Hebrew: a man makes plans and god laughs. I'm not sure I can speak for the rest but my guess is it means all for the best, as we say here.
Indeed, although I had other plans for this dress, the wild spring finally arrived for me, and it shines better upon my best ideas and creations, as it should. It gives me great pleasure, then, to present this exclusive video, which took a while to cut and edit.
In this video I am proud to reveal the making of a magnificent gown, sharing my own secrets step by step, and lead you through the corridors of my creativity. It took me quite a while to ripe and unfold, very much like my own felting and printing techniques, but it was worth the waiting, don't you agree?
Creativity comes and shows itself in many ways, artists like us already know that for sure. I have discovered through my many years in designing, printing, dying and felting that it surfaces in the most unexpected places. Places we explore and make them our generous atelier.
I am lucky and greatful to be an artist who opens up towards new possibilities and find the most exiting secret places unfolding in front of me, allowing me the use of all the inspirational materials my creativity needs.

Also I am happy to use this opportunity to invite you again to mother nature atelier, this year, here in Israel, for an autumn workshop for creativity secrets. The surprising location is known only to a few, promising an experience not to be forgotten for a long time.
These days are dedicated to working the last details of the autumn workshop, so I could notify you soon and open it for registration. I'm looking forward to it. Welcome to my heaven! and in the meantime you can enjoy pictures of the place here:
I treasure this unusual and uncanny place, which is close to all the important and renown touring sites of the Israel you all heard about, but at the same time remote and hidden so we could create and unravel our possibilities and knowledge. We will be surrounded by serenity, flooded by the clarity of the mediterranean sun, and inspired by the grandeur of the earth and placidity and elevation of all of us, dear friends.

Before I forget :) The video. Step by step of how I made the Casuarina dress.
Put on full screen and Enjoy!
Filmed and edited by Idan Levy

The song tells a wonderful story about a tree of stars in grandpa's yard. It grows only illuminating stars, which no one wants to buy because nobody understands they are the real treasure that cannot be estimated and determined by currency. Isn't it much like our creativity and art, which only us can appreciate?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Working with brushes

Lately I'm busy with something completely different. I'm trying to get more and more control with my prints. I know that in this area, control is considered a bad thing but I do not see anything wrong with trying to expand the boundaries.
I work with a palette of iron at different concentrations and with brushes I'm painting the leaves as I want and in this way I can choose what effect I will get with the same leaves. 
I discover a whole new world.  
It just make it so clear even while applying the iron which leaves are very sensitive to iron and can easily become very dark and how to control it in case I don't want the dark effect or which leaves resisting the iron and if you want any effect you really need to apply strong solution.
Which part of the leaf is sensitive and which part is not.
To which part of the leaf to apply the iron to get different effects. for example, only contours, more natural effect or more graphic effect, etc...
What is also nice is that my background stay almost clean from the iron. Which mean, if I want to dye the background with madder for example, the iron will not effect the purity of the madder shade.
So yes... I'm loosing spontaneity in my work with such a technique but I know I will find the balance again in the future.
For now, I'm very much into it and it is fascinating.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

My trip to Australia and New Zealand

To all the students who waited for me in Australia and New Zealand, I so sorry that my trip canceled.
There is some family problems in my life right now that make my trip impossible.
I know you expected me and I'm very sorry for your disappointment. It is a huge disappointment for me too.
I really hope we will have a chance to meet some day in the future.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Time Flies Like an Arrow;

Fruit Flies Like Bananas;

just like that! 
because I don't have something more cleaver to say and I want to wish you all -

A new felt coat (to warm me up in this winter that refuse to arrive), printed with Casuarina and dyed with Indigo.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The pillar of salt fantasy

I'm not sure if I ever mention this. But my work is never complete without the photo shoot. 
Many time it is gives the right meaning to the work. I love to do it with Idan. He understand me and my work perfectly and know how to get the best of it and I, love very much to change characters. To be someone else for a moment - to fantasise, to live on a different time, in different places.
For a very long time I wanted to take photos in the Dead Sea but I did not have the right work for this surrounding until recently. 
We went there last week. Such a short drive and the atmosphere is so completely different. The landscape reminiscent the story of creation in Genesis. My head and my imagination immediately begin to work and the story of Genesis and also the story of lot's wife who looked back and turned to salt was playing in my head like a music.
And this is what we created. With water, wool, plants, fire, camera and the beautiful surrounding of one of the wonders in the world - The Dead Sea.
Hope you enjoy it. Take a moment and fantasise yourself. Your day can be completely different :)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Playing with Rakefet

This is not a real garment yet. It is only connected with pins and it made from one piece of fabric without any cuts.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Natural Dyeing and Botanical Prints

A few weeks ago Vilte and me was visited in Amsterdam. We took a private Class with Leentje Van Hengel. Our goal was to deep our knowledge about mordants and classical natural dyes like Madder, Weld and Indigo. We learned a lot during this 3 days class.

When I came back home I started to dye samples and to practice what I have learned
but simultaneously I'm trying to combine what I learned with my work.
From the beginning I knew it could be a problem. a conflict between the two techniques.

Botanical Prints needs metals like iron or copper to be able to get bold print or images with depth but those metals will dull the bright shades of madder or other dye plants. Madder with iron will easily become brown.
On the other hand, to achieve deep red from madder for example needs mordant such as Alum and that will make many of the print plant materials such as eucalyptus or rose leaves yellow.

There must be a solution and I began a research now. So far, I had some successes but also some failures. Will see how and where it will takes me.