Sunday, July 29, 2012

What next?

Just today I opened the studio doors for the first time since I went to Cyprus. 
I was not surprised to see the mess I left smiling at me.
Every time before traveling I tell myself it's better to clean up before I go, come into a clean studio after days of absence but it never fails me. 
The excitement and preparations before the trip did not leave me too much for arrange and cleanliness.
Maybe it does not really matter ... There is something about cleaning that allows 
a new beginning.
And after such a unique experience in Cyprus, what I need is a new beginning.
So I just cleaned all day :)

At first there was so much mess.
Who works with Eco dyeing knows very well how much mess it can makes

After an hour I sat and stared at this smiling mess I started to clean up smiling I decided it is necessary to start.

Cleaned all my pots and took them out to dry in the sun.

Cleaned all my metals

Slowly, things have found their place

Then I could open and enjoy all the treasures I had received in Cyprus.
Amazing silk gauze and silk paj from Vilte, Muga silk fibers also from Vilte, some raw locks from Shelly...

 And small aromatic lavender bag (made the cleaning much more yummy) from Gabi 
and Tatiana.

So what next?... I have three weeks to myself and in the end of August I go again. This time to Italy to teach 3 days workshop in a very beautiful place in Tuscany by the Sea.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy Days

To tell the story of the workshop in Cyprus I have to be a journalist, which I not, so I really don't know where to begin. Maybe even write a story can not transmit 
the experience.
It's about a beautiful beaches, sunrises and sunsets, clear water, quiet and peaceful, beautiful and happy  women, eco print, felt and beautiful creations.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Last days

I am so busy preparing for the workshop in Cyprus and I have so much to do but yesterday, just not in a perfect timing I found Cotinus leaves. This plant is very rare in Israel and not suitable for hot climates like ours and although the treasury does not really came at the right time I could not give up the attempt.
I made this morning some bundles. most of them will wait until I get back but I was very curious and immediately opened two of them. One with wool and the other with silk.

If I already wasted my time on dyeing :) I've included to the celebration of the attempts another plant. Grevillea Robusta or Silky Oak or Australian Silver Oak.
Actually, I saw it just recently on one of Fabbiene's latest print and I immediately recognized it because we have two trees like it on our street and this is also very common tree here.

Enjoy the picture, I'm going back to the preparations. Time is short and the task is great.
Monday morning after one hour flight I will join Vilte in Aphrodite's island.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Alice's Dress

I met Rakefet Levy about a year , for those who do not know her, Rakefet is one of the more interesting designers here in Israel and you can see part of her work here:
About two weeks ago I went to visit her at the studio and left with an amazing dress of her for dyeing.

After the mordant process. I started to bundle the dress but  I had to figure how to do it.  This dress made with a lot of fabric and ruffles, the lower part consisted of two layers of fabric. Only the bundling took me hours but in the end I really like the outcome.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My heart in west and I'm still in the east

...But not for long

  .The excitement grown up and very soon I'm going to Cyprus
.Meanwhile I have a million things to do and prepare for the the workshop and travel
.In the recent days I made four summer dresses that I intend to take with me
.The dresses are made from light silk with some spots of wool felt
.I do not have time to photograph them as I wanted but here are some close-ups