Monday, June 25, 2012

Spirit of the season

Somehow I always return to that.
Do not know why but the thing that fascinates me the most in nature is the
changing seasons.
How the new blends into the old...
How the old slowly fading and the young slowly growing...
How young becoming old...
How everything is periodic circles...
Just look at it you can understand most of the secrets of life.

A few years ago I created for my children the "Nature corner" unfortunately I never finished the cycle.

you can see all the "corners" I made here

Lately, without conscious intention I'm doing it again
 Gaia", my latest spring work".

you can see it all here

and my latest summer work which 
reflect the Israeli dry summer.

more pictures are here

Hope this time I will finish the cycle if nothing else will not appears and take me to other places.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The time of the tub

Summer is already here and it getting more and more hot.
 My soul went out to wander the cosmos so these day I'm working more in the garden than in the studio.
It is time to dock at the port, take a tub and fill it with all the seas and oceans who I sailed this year, invite friends to sit around my tub with feet in it and just dream.

 Just in time I finished a felt piece that accompanied me all winter  and here are some photos (only details for now) before and after dyeing.

Have a wonderful dreamy summer...



Sunday, June 17, 2012

New born blog with a new born tree

I have been delayed for quite some time and can not find the courage to start writing this blog.
I'm not so good with writing and not to mention write in English.
Every few days I come here and discover more and more points on the map and realize that many people have already discovered my blog.
So here I am but please be patient with me and with my English :-) also I not completely sure I'm in full control of the admin here.

My studio that I really love is not located in a very inspiring place.
A place with a lot of garages and small factories but this is how it is in Israel in the big cities, if you are an artist you probably find yourself in the industrial areas but there are also many advantages.
 My own studio is a magical place  in all this ugliness and many visitors are received 
with joy.

A few weeks ago I noticed of two Eucalyptus seedlings in one of the building gutters.
 I was sure the seeds came from my studio. I decided to follow their development and at the right moment to uproot them and to move them to my garden at home.

That moment came yesterday and now they are fighting for their lives and I'm praying.