Saturday, September 15, 2012

Intimate Secrets

More than a year ago a friend gave me a pile of old vintage bed sheets and tablecloths. They are exactly in the style I remember from my grandmother home when I was a child.
Oh yes, My grandmother and grandfather house. What a sweet memory :)
I was their only grandchild and I was their princess. They lived in a beautiful Bauhaus building in Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv. I remember hours on hours between those sheets with my grandmother telling me stories about her childhood in Poland. I loved that moment with her and loved her stories, I loved those sheets and the smell of the laundry they had but I don't know where those sheets gone. Disappeared...

So my friend gave me this pile and the pieces even had the marks of the laundry.  Back than everybody sent their clothes and bed sheets to the laundry. It was exactly between the time people stop to make all their laundry by hand but didn't had a washing machine in the house so all the laundry should be mark. By name or by number.

Last year in Rosh Hashana (our new year) I went to the dead sea. I took all the sheet pile with me to sock them in the magic salty water. It was quite surreal. My children and I floating in the water with all kinds of fabrics and than  hung them up to dry on beach umbrellas. People came and ask what I'm doing. I tried to explain but no one understand so for the fourth man woman who asked I said I'm doing my laundry :)

Since than I'm using the fabrics in pieces. small pieces. The results are wonderful mostly when I use iron. Probably generated reaction from Dead Sea minerals and iron and I'm getting wonderful shades of blues and purples.
I called this group of prints "Intimate Secrets"

and you can see them all here: Intimate Secrets


  1. Lovely prints and story behind. You will soon celebrate New Year, won't you?

  2. An incredibly beautiful story, Irit and your mark making is the writing of its future...
    Beautiful & inspiring post!

  3. Thank you both and we will celebrate the new year tomorrow so Happy new year to you. Shana Tova

  4. A great story! And your work is outstanding! Thanks for sharing!


  5. I love your story, Irit. It reminds me of my own grandmother and my childhood. I really love the prints, they are gorgeous.

  6. Old linnen love for several years.......
    dead sea makes very lively prints on them!

  7. love your story and thought a bit like it was with my grandparents, it was very similar and I also remember their old linnen. I really like the marks and old buttons on that fabrics. Your prints are gorgeous!