Sunday, July 29, 2012

What next?

Just today I opened the studio doors for the first time since I went to Cyprus. 
I was not surprised to see the mess I left smiling at me.
Every time before traveling I tell myself it's better to clean up before I go, come into a clean studio after days of absence but it never fails me. 
The excitement and preparations before the trip did not leave me too much for arrange and cleanliness.
Maybe it does not really matter ... There is something about cleaning that allows 
a new beginning.
And after such a unique experience in Cyprus, what I need is a new beginning.
So I just cleaned all day :)

At first there was so much mess.
Who works with Eco dyeing knows very well how much mess it can makes

After an hour I sat and stared at this smiling mess I started to clean up smiling I decided it is necessary to start.

Cleaned all my pots and took them out to dry in the sun.

Cleaned all my metals

Slowly, things have found their place

Then I could open and enjoy all the treasures I had received in Cyprus.
Amazing silk gauze and silk paj from Vilte, Muga silk fibers also from Vilte, some raw locks from Shelly...

 And small aromatic lavender bag (made the cleaning much more yummy) from Gabi 
and Tatiana.

So what next?... I have three weeks to myself and in the end of August I go again. This time to Italy to teach 3 days workshop in a very beautiful place in Tuscany by the Sea.


  1. Nice studio, I wish I managed to get mine that clean. It looks like you are going to be away from home a lot. Such a great teacher will be awaited all over the world very soon. Good luck. I have enjoyed all the photos you posted on fb about the workshop.

  2. Thank you Lizet. I don't think the studio will stay so clean for long :)))

  3. Wow, so tidy! Thank you, dear Irit, thank you for everything! I'm still thinking of both of you and the girls every day, looking from the balcony to the sunrise, and still can't understand how come, we are all so happy and content. This workshop was and will be a huge milestone in a fiber art world. I think and I'm sure, that we can never thank you enough, dear Teacher!

  4. You are welcome Tatiana. It was fun. Hope to meet regularly in that piece of heaven

  5. You've everything in the studioe. Very professional artist. I've followed all your wonderful time in Cyprus. Admire the participants have such brilliant artists.

  6. You have a very nice tidy studio. My workplace is nearly always a mess. I will take yours as an example. It would be also a plaesure for me to meet you again in a workshop. It was a real success, a great group and I think everyone was happy. Thank you for all. Best wishes from Switzerland -Brita-

  7. I want to come to Italy and take your class and meet you!!! If only I'd known sooner I really would have tried to plan for that. I've been to Tuscany once, years ago and loved it and have always said I'll go back someday. Good wishes for traveling safely and having a grand time.

  8. Hi Lorrie, Tuscany really very special and also the energy the Italian women bring to the workshop is extraordinary experience. but I'm going tonight. Soon Vilte and I will announce our schedule for next year. We are planning workshop on January in the West Coast USA. If this interests you I can let you know as soon as I have final details.