Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beautiful Italy

This year I happened to be twice in Italy.
 I love Italy. It is so beautiful in every way.
The places, the food but mostly the people.
I just love them. They make me feel happy and relax.

My trip this time began In Pisa

 And from Pisa we drove south towards Grosseto
 in the heart of Tuscany

On the way we went to visit Willam. 
He grows many eucalyptus varieties for flower shops.

Then we arrived to "La Capitana" - An old farmhouse typical to Tuscany

The workshop took place there annd everything was just perfect

 We worked and laughed and energies were just great. 
Lots of pictures already post to Facebook so I just choose some close ups and I wish I knew how to attach Italian music to this post to complete the atmosphere.

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  1. the dyeing results are fantastic, as well as the location. I love Italy and especially Tuscany...