Saturday, September 22, 2012

Natural Handwriting

When I started printing leaves I wasn't sure whether it is possible to create something personal with this technique. Time passed and the answer came. 
I see the works of other artists and each has its own special something. 

what is interesting me now the most is the combination of felted pieces with different fibers printing with leaves so not only the prints and dyeing is hand made but also the materials which be printed is a creation for itself. The different fibers take the dye differently and the results are interesting and surprising.

I decided to felt a book. It is one piece seamless felt book and on each page I created different texture with different fibers.
I already felted and printed 3 books but I'm not pleased from the result yet and
I continue to work on it. 
Here's just a glimpse of the process and idea. Hope very soon I will have the final 
work to show.
And sorry about the pictures. They was taking not in best condition.

If you interested in creating such a book, I will teach it next spring in the Netherlands


  1. Beautiful book, Irit! So generous of you to share the knowledge you obtained with all hard work, thank you so much!

  2. Thanks Tatiana, It is not so beautiful yet but I can see the potential. Sometimes it's need more than one attempt to solve technical problems. In this kind of work you should get 10-12 different prints in one bundle and it's take time and trails to learn it.

  3. Have been looking at this intensely Irit and i can only say its beyond beauty what you do. Maybe we meet???????????? dont know yet. But i certainly would love to see you again and then in my country...............

  4. Martine, If you have the time we will meet!!! :) and we will have fun together!