Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy Days

To tell the story of the workshop in Cyprus I have to be a journalist, which I not, so I really don't know where to begin. Maybe even write a story can not transmit 
the experience.
It's about a beautiful beaches, sunrises and sunsets, clear water, quiet and peaceful, beautiful and happy  women, eco print, felt and beautiful creations.



  1. You dont need many words Irit... those foto's make it very clear how much you enjoyed your stay in Cyprus.
    The colors, beautiful prints and happy faces make me happy to. So good you had such a wonderful time working, relaxing and making new friends..........

  2. It's true, you don't need words... the photo essay tells it all!
    So much sunshine and happiness, faces aglow, stunning creations....... truly a life transforming experience for everybody who attended!

    For some reason it won't let me publish this under my wordpress ID (tremblinginsidethecocoon)

    So, 'anonymous' it will have to be!
    Big hugs

  3. Photo speak themselves you have a fabulous time with Vilte Tatiana and all the charming ladies in the stunning Cypus. Hope to join your workshop if schedule meets. You are a star.

  4. Thank you Mertine, julie and Terrie. Words are my weak point. Lucky I have images

  5. Beautiful picute! Indeed, they don't need words :-)