Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Site specific workshop in Moa Oasis

The workshop is filling up quickly.
For more information and registration about the Autumn workshop in Moa Oasis please contact:

I'm happy to announce that I will host Adva Drori at the workshop, an artist and art therapist who deals mainly in installation, performance and site-specific works.

Drori will direct an earth-art workshop, and together we will be able to actively experience the creation of a site-specific work of art, which focuses on the site and is inspired by it. In addition, we will get to know well-known artists active in this field.
In the workshop we will work with personal and biographical elements as a source of inspiration, through emotional and psychological introspection.

"For me, creating is first and foremost a means of introspection, and out of the depths within me it enables me to view my surroundings creatively. Through understanding and accepting hidden, secretive parts of myself, which are revealed to me through the creative process, I am also able to accept and understand the Other  which stands before me.  
In my own unique way I combine the personal and the public, and weave tales of action which are intimate and collective at the same time. I invite the viewers to 'roam my soul' and look for the personal cracks which lead to universal truths." 

Adva Drori

Amongst her works and performances are the following: Adva Drori

February 2014 – "Woven Consciousness: Contemporary Textile in Israel"; a group  exhibition at the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Irena Gordon
January 2013 – "Girl – the Color Red!" : an installation at the Municipal Gallery Rishon Le Zion, Kenner House. Curator: Effie Gan
May 2011 – "The Silent Kingdom –Adva Drori Weaves a Biography ": performance and installation. The Kibbutz Gallery. Curator: Yael Keiny
September 2008- a performance at the Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland.
September 2006 -  "Black Heart" – a performance at the 'Castle of Imagination', an international festival for performance art which took place at Broellin, Germany and Szczecin, Poland. Curtator: Wladyslaw Kazmierczak
July 2006 – performance at the Jyvaskyla Museum of Art and group-exhibition at the Saarijarvi Museum, Finland. Curator: Kari Kotilaine
April 2006 – performance and installation at the "Peace of Art" symposium held at Armsburg, Germany, which was attended by Israeli, Palestinian, Egyptian and German artists. 
March 2006 – exhibited the documentation of a performance at "Makor" gallery in New-York, as part of an event which focused on Israeli artists. Curators: Dana Tegar and Ofri Kna'ani.
October 2005 – "Assassins", a series of three performances given at 'Private Impact', an international festival for performance art held in Berlin and Zezin, Poland. Curtator: Antoni Karwowski.
June 2005 – "Women in Black", performance and exhibition at the  Karlskrona Konsthall, Karlskrona, Sweden. Curator: Torun Ekstrand.
June 2005 – "Sewn in the Gut" : performance/installation as part of the group exhibition "Communal Sleeping" at the Helena Rubinstein pavilion, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art. Curator: Tali Tamir.
August 2004 – "Dusza": a series of three performances at the 'Castle of Imagination' festival for performance art in Poland. Curator: Wladyslaw Kazmierczak.
April 2004 – "Soul": a performance given in Abu-Dis, next to the wall of partition as part of the event  'An Opening in the Wall' organized by Artist Without Borders.
November 2003 – "Fairies" a performance given on the beach in Tel-Aviv as part of 'Blurr 4'- the International Biennale for Performance Art. Curator: Sergio Edelstein.
January 2003 – "Sleep On, Valley" a performance and installation at the water tower at the Gallery for Commemoration, Kiryat Tivon, Israel.
July 2002 – "The Last Speech", performance at the Um El -Fahem Gallery, as part of the group exhibition "Believe the Day Will Come".
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For additional information: Adva Drori

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  1. Oh, I wish I could join you! Sounds like a wonderful concept!