Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Autumn Felt and Dyeing workshop In Moa Oasis Arava Israel

I am very happy to invite you to my Autumn workshop in Israel.

The exciting autumn workshop will take place on 28/9.14-5/10/14 - at the MOA Oasis, an eco-resort in the Arava region. This region is located south of the Dead Sea.
We will spend seven days in a truly enchanted place, both physically and spiritually. Not only its location, but also the whole purpose of the site is to allow an atmosphere of peace. As beautifully stated "between humans and themselves, and nature", It is an ecological resort, most suitable for our purposes, for we are going to make the most of our staying there. We will bond in the evenings, work, create during daytime, and enjoy the simplicity and convenience of the architectural vision of the buildings. We will have the space and the ability to make our own bonfire, and to enjoy a peaceful evening under the starlit sky while connecting with nature. The special and invigorating atmosphere of the workshop will allow us to reach new and inspiring levels of complexity and creativity

We will learn to develop innovative 3D patterns to design felt cloths that will be wearable as well as stunning. The garments you will design are going to be complex and challenging, because this time we will emphasize the three dimensional aspects of the pattern itself. We will use a special pattern technique that will follow the natural curves with a twist: ruffles, remote edges and shapes that will show how creative and imaginative felting can be, if you really let yourself follow your vision and freedom to generate the pattern.

The second part of the workshop will be dedicated to dyeing and eco-printing for the remaining of the period. We will cook all the materials on open fire in the most natural way.

Naturally, the more experienced will be able to achieve more complex results, the less experienced will progress at their own pace in making their own items. I can guarantee a tranquil yet invigorating workshop that would ease your inner pace gently, and allow you to devote your full attention as far as your creativity takes you. We will enjoy a magical sunrises and sunsets, hear nothing but bird songs and the trickling water and ourselves creating. I would love to provide more information to those who will write to me in private.
See you all in the desert!

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  1. Irit, I'm working my but off ( in revalidation ) to be able to participate the next time. For now it will be heaven at the resort and lucky who can join you!

  2. dear Irit, my heart is ........ i will sent you an email, want to have more information! :-)

  3. Oh! How I wish I was well enough to be with, you for I know it will be a magical, spiritual and unique experience. So very happy for the students who will be with you. Love you Irit, Marilyn xx

  4. It looks and sounds so wonderful, sorry I won't be able to attend. Have a fantabulous time!

  5. Hi Irit' now it is Feb 2017 how about another workshop in the Arava? Alicia' Jerusalem' Israel