Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The time of the tub

Summer is already here and it getting more and more hot.
 My soul went out to wander the cosmos so these day I'm working more in the garden than in the studio.
It is time to dock at the port, take a tub and fill it with all the seas and oceans who I sailed this year, invite friends to sit around my tub with feet in it and just dream.

 Just in time I finished a felt piece that accompanied me all winter  and here are some photos (only details for now) before and after dyeing.

Have a wonderful dreamy summer...




  1. Beautiful!!! I'm impressed. Still and still...

  2. thanks for the invitation Irit, i love to sit with my feet in the tub on a summer day and dream.
    Dreaming is easy with your beautiful prints before my eyes.
    Enjoy summer, i will too....being more outside then in front of the pc.............