Monday, June 25, 2012

Spirit of the season

Somehow I always return to that.
Do not know why but the thing that fascinates me the most in nature is the
changing seasons.
How the new blends into the old...
How the old slowly fading and the young slowly growing...
How young becoming old...
How everything is periodic circles...
Just look at it you can understand most of the secrets of life.

A few years ago I created for my children the "Nature corner" unfortunately I never finished the cycle.

you can see all the "corners" I made here

Lately, without conscious intention I'm doing it again
 Gaia", my latest spring work".

you can see it all here

and my latest summer work which 
reflect the Israeli dry summer.

more pictures are here

Hope this time I will finish the cycle if nothing else will not appears and take me to other places.


  1. Welcome to Blogger, Irit ~ I have found my way over here via the 'found, stitched dyed' group on f'book. I'm happy that you'll have a place here & that I can check back often to view your beautiful work! And don't worry, your English is very, very good ;>]] Happy dyeing to you...and...happy blogging!


  2. Thanks Chrisi, I try to do my best to make it interesting.