Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fiber Art Now and a new exhibition on the way

Very happy with the article "Unearthing Eco Dyes" in the summer issue of Fiber Art Now.
"Unearthing Eco Dyes" by Wendy Feldberg featuring seven artists: Arlee Bar, Fabienne Dorsman Ray, Wendy Feldberg, Pat Vivod, Yvonne Dalton, Elena Ulyanova and myself.

Only yesterday Pat Vivod and Elizabeth Adams-Marks announced of the exhibition "From The Inside Out"  which will take place in Jacoby Art Center in Alton, Illinois i August 2014. I'm very happy to be part along with Fabienne Dorsman-Ray, Rio Wrenn, India Flint, Pat Vivod and Elizabeth Adams-Marks.
This blog will accompany us throughout the work on the exhibition.



  1. This all looks very exiting Irit, wish i could see the exibit but alas too far away.
    Happy to see you're enjoying yourself so much !

  2. Thanks Dear, I wanted also to write a post on the fairy tales land and our Indigo experience but as you can see life is so acetic and things happened so fast. Hope to find the time to do it soon. have a lovely photos from our two days together.