Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Can you imagine a sofa or an armchair looks like stone or a tree trunk in your 
living room?
"Revitalize" is my new series of textile works which inspiration are nature itself as well all the raw materials which the textile work made from. Wool and silk dyed and printed only with plants.
The work process partly controlled and directed and partially liberated and allowing nature take its course. In this way I get a result which is very organic in texture 
and colors.
You can see all the work here : Revitalize

Until now I dealt mainly with the textiles. My next step will be to find a group of 3D forms that will support the organics results and make it all one. 
Who knows where it will take me? Artistic clothes? Furnitures? Sculptures? I'm curious myself.


  1. What a wonderful process you'r in now Irit.
    Working with and transforming your materials in nature. I can see how you take one or some steps further each time.
    Looks a bit like you are sculpting. So interesting where you are going.

  2. It has been fun and inspiring to watch where the path is taking you to. Leaving the expectations open and free will unleash your imagination.

  3. PERFECT! Perfect match with nature, with a wonderful photographer Idan & model. What most is the creation, the design are so unique yet natural!

  4. Irit, when I saw these photos on Facebook I scrolled by them quickly, thinking they WERE photos of trees, etc! How fabulous your new work is -- just like all your other work! xo

  5. Irit you are an amazing artist and I look forward to see what this leads to! It was a pleasure meeting you in Monterey!

  6. Thank you. Very kind of you to comment in my blog :)

  7. Some few days ago I saw these images at facebook. Seldom, if ever, I see something that can conquer it - so raw and so beatiful …

    1. Thank you very much :) I must admit I have affection for disturbing designs.

  8. I enjoyed reading your blog and it really inspires me. I look forward to reading your wonderful posts. I love your pots!

  9. Glad to know I'm not alone in my tree bark obsession.